Social Media

Get access to data sets that allow you to target demographics not even available directly through Facebook!

An unfortunate result of the recent privacy mishaps is that Facebook no longer offers data targeting to Real Estate agents. They have removed completely the ability to target by motivated buyer, income, or even life events that correlate to likely to move!

What most people don’t know is that Facebook allows you to upload a list of people with addresses and match to their Facebook pages. So a unique solution is available for the first time ever through your Marketplace, using the list building tool you can now build a demographic list based on the things that matter like Home Value, Married/Single, Home Equity available, Age of home loan, Children present in the home and even more.

With your new Ad builder creating an Ad has never been easier. Just choose which template you want, upload your photos, target URL (landing page address), and customize your copy. After you approve your design you’ll build your list demographics and only pay for the impressions to the people you choose (5 impressions per person).