Direct Mail

Are we really that much cheaper?

Yes, is the short answer!

Below is a chart of our prices vs. the two largest online store fronts in the Real Estate market. The pricing is an all in when you include postage for a saturation mailer at 8 ½ x 5 ½ size

Quantity Agent Brand Competitor A Competitor B
1000 .49 per piece .69 per piece .72 per piece
2500 .39 per piece .67 per piece .70 per piece
5000 .30 per piece .65 per piece .68 per piece

How are we able to save you so much?

Two main factors

  1. Lower Print Cost
  2. Big Postage Savings

Print cost is all about the equipment you are running. Some printers are set up for low quantities and others are set up for huge quantities. We have set up our network to hit that sweet spot of 500-50,000 pieces. Since the equipment is set up to be incredibly cost efficient at those quantities it allows you to mail more for less and double your return on investment.

Through the mail list function we are able to give you real postage rates and not some marked up amount because as you are selecting your list it is pulling those names from our database LIVE. Which means we can extend those saturation discounts on to you!