Automated Marketing

We know you are busy and we have solutions to help save you time!

Inside your Automated Marketing section you will find easy solutions to market like a pro with minimal time required on your part.

Auto Branding
Do you primarily work off of referrals? If so then you have found your new favorite Marketing. Auto Branding allows you to upload your list of contacts, customize a Social Media ad with your information and choose the length of time for your ad (up to two years). Once you have checked out, your ad will be run up to 10,000 times per month to your list of contacts! Multiply your referrals and insure that never again will you hear “I forgot you were an Agent”. The best part is it’s incredibly affordable with pricing as low as $50/month.

Listing Client Awareness
So many agents still mail a couple hundred postcards to the neighborhood when they list a new home but the problem with that is mail is all about discounts at larger quantities, so the 200 postcards don’t actually do anything. With Listing Client Awareness you can cut that cost in half and target a larger radius around the neighborhood that not only hits everyone that lives there but also everyone that drives through the neighborhood. You don’t even need a Facebook account to run the ad. Just choose Listing Client Awareness, select how many weeks the ad should run, upload your photo and customize your content. Easy as that!

Auto Listing
Need a boost for an open house or a listing that has sat for a while? Have a hot listing and want to get it started with a bang? Auto Listing allows you to push out your new listing to a radius that would be cost prohibitive by any other method. By using our demographic selection motivated buyers are targeted in a 15 mile radius from your new listing and thousands of ad impressions are run over 1, 2, 3, or even 4 weeks! Designing your ad is as simple as choosing your photos to upload and customizing your copy. Don’t forget to include the URL for the listing landing page to bump up those calls!